Dispute / Arbitration


At KZEN, we go beyond conventional management consultancy services to offer expert witness and damage quantification solutions. Our team of seasoned professionals combines strategic acumen with specialized expertise, ensuring that your business not only thrives but is also equipped to handle legal challenges with precision. Our Diverse Range of Services:

1. Expert Witness Services: Trust in our experts to provide credible, well-researched testimony in legal proceedings. Our seasoned professionals bring clarity and authority to complex business matters, offering valuable insights that can make a crucial difference in litigation.

2. Damage Quantification: In the realm of financial disputes, accurate damage quantification is paramount. Our specialists employ rigorous methodologies to assess and quantify damages, providing robust support for legal proceedings and negotiations.

Key Features of our Expert Witness and Damage Quantification Services: 

1. Industry Expertise: Our experts bring in-depth industry knowledge, ensuring that their testimony and damage quantification align with the specific nuances of your business sector. 

2. Forensic Analysis: Leverage our forensic analysis capabilities to uncover the intricate details of financial transactions and operations. Our meticulous approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of the factors contributing to any financial dispute. 

3. Courtroom Preparedness: Rely on our experts to be well-prepared for courtroom appearances. We equip you with the confidence that comes from having a credible and articulate professional presenting your case effectively. 

4. Quantitative Precision: In damage quantification, precision is key. Our team employs advanced quantitative methods to ensure accurate assessments that stand up to scrutiny. 

Whether you require management consultancy for business optimization or expert witness and damage quantification services for legal support, KZEN is your holistic partner, dedicated to delivering excellence across all facets of your business. Contact us today to harness our expertise and fortify your business against challenges, both strategic and legal. Excellence awaits – where strategy meets litigation support, and your success story continues to unfold.



Kapil Maheshwari

MFC NYU (Stern) IFQ FSA Creds

IBBI Registered Valuer
(Securities/Financial Assets)

Sachin Gulaty


IBBI Registered Valuer
(Land & Building)

Ambuj Saxena

M.B.A. Finance, Qualified CFA Level 2

Asst Manager
Investment Banking