KZEN Valtech is a tech-based boutique advisory firm advising clients on Valuations and Management Consultancy. The team has extensive experience of working with Indian and Global Corporates, Financial Institutions, PE/VC Funds, Real Estate Developers, and Industrial Houses, among others.

Vision & Mission

The vision of the firm is to remain an ethical, meritorious and dependable professional services firm. We work with leading Corporates, Banks, Industry Houses, PE/VC Funds, NBFCs, Real Estate Developers, Startups, Tax and Accounting Professionals, Insolvency Professionals, Law Firms, Arbitrators and Tribunals, HNIs, and Investors on sensitive matters relating to Valuations and Management Consultancy. We also work on providing support to clients under various government frameworks, We also advise clients on optimal capital structure- raising debt or equity capital or deleveraging their Balance Sheet by sale of non core asset. Sustainability is an emerging area globally and we align ourselves with some of the large investment funds in Europe and USA who are looking at sustainability investments in Asia Pacific.
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Kapil Maheshwari

MFC NYU (Stern) IFQ FSA Creds

IBBI Registered Valuer
(Securities/Financial Assets)

Sachin Gulaty


IBBI Registered Valuer
(Land & Building)