Valuation Course for Investment in Stock Markets

K-ZEN in association with GoldSpot Ventures provides practical aspects and training for Share Market Valuations using Intrinsic Valuation Methods like Discounted Cash Flows (DCF). The idea is to spread the knowledge of financials valuations to Retail investors where they can use the valuation knowledge to determine the fair value themselves of any stock been traded in the stock market. By deep diving into intrinsic valuation model, an investor can move away from speculation and make more informed investment decisions.

The modules are made under the guidance of Mr. Kapil Maheshwari, who himself is a Registered Valuer and also holds High Honors in Advanced Valuation from NYU Stern University, USA. They are purposely kept simple so can be used by any graduate+ person having an interest in finance and stock market.

Key Features of Valuation Modules

One on One Trainings

  • Personalized Attention
  • Real Time Valuation Experience
  • English and Local Language Delivery

Virtual Classes

  • Join from any location
  • Flexible time slots
  • Global Investor Network

Trained Faculty

  • Trained Faculty
  • Curated Study Material
  • Quizzes & Projects

Affordable & Local

  • User Group: Housewives, Shopkeepers & Professionals
  • Immediate Employment Opportunities
  • Additional Source of Income