Training & Transformation has the following key components:

  • Teaching Modules

We focus on providing contemporary courses and subject area expertise to the students which enables them to become more acceptable in Jobs or in their ventures. The current teaching modules are:

  1. Business Valuations
  2. Corporate Restructuring
  3. Arbitration
  4. Corporate Governance
  • Transformation

Transformation advisory for a college includes covering and improving the 4 P’s of the institution namely:

  • Place
  • Place
  • Programme
  • People
  • Partnerships
  • Incubation

Young people have tremendous game changing ideas – we understand their ideas and incubate them to become market leaders. Incubation takes a wholesome approach where we assist them in not only account management but also softer skills of negotiations etc. The incubator is an ideal mix of young mind and energy combined with our industry experience, corporate relationships and access to venture capital and seed funds.

Key Transformation Theme


Social Inclusion programmes
Universal Design
Student Community Guidelines
Contemporary Infrastructure
Access to College/University


Increase Staff Diversity
Broader Student Mix
Student Representative Council
Alumni Network


Institutional Training
Leadership Development
Deepen Research
Social & Psychological Support


Industry Lectures
Incubation Centre
Higher Education network
Banking & Financial Institutions