Real Estate

Valuation of real estate assets requires multi-dimensional knowledge of architecture, urban planning, regional planning, environmental planning and legislations, transportation planning, housing, sustainability, various types of city plans, urban development guidelines, development controls and regulations, various laws and regulations related to land, inheritance, environment, real estate finance, and accounts, among others, for varied real estate asset classes, such as residential, commercial office, retail, industrial, IT Parks, Special Economic Zones, various Townships (Integrated, Industrial, Residential), hotels and hospitality including resorts, education, healthcare, senior living, and mixed use development, among others. It also requires a keen understanding of what value accrues to each project of varying scales (ranging from individual residential strata housing apartments to large-scale integrated mixed-use developments encompassing all asset classes) at different stages of development ranging from being vacant land outside city master limits to completed, operational, and leased large scale office and retail complexes within developed and active city zones. KZen brings the perfect blend of real estate valuers who carry domestic (IBBI Registered Valuer) and global (MRICS) credentials, have extensive experience in valuing all types of real estate assets stated above in compliance with Indian and International Valuation Standards (IVS), using all types of valuation approaches (Market, Income, and Cost) and methodologies (Direct Comparison, Discounted Cash Flow, Residual Development, Term and Reversion, Income Capitalization, Depreciated Replacement Cost, and Physical, among others), and have served a plethora of clients that include Indian and global banks, NBFCs, PE/VCs, corporates, industrial houses, developers, High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs), arbitration institutes, arbitrators, law firms, and chartered accountants, among others.



Sachin Gulaty


IBBI Registered Valuer
(Land & Building)