Secured Lending

Lending against securitized collaterals is a complicated process that requires involvement of top-quality professionals at every stage. It is imperative that professionals engaged in this critical process, particularly valuations and financial advisory services, have a deep understanding and working knowledge of various types of assets that are likely to be securitized, whether these are securities and financial assets, companies, businesses, real estate land and buildings, and plant, machinery, equipment, furniture, and fixtures, among others. There are a multitude of different assets under each category that can be securitized, and we at KZen have an impressive line-up of professionals with extensive experience in the field of valuation of varying kinds of assets under the three defined categories under IBBI, namely securities/financial assets, land and building, and plant and machinery. These professionals have extensive experience of working in Indian and global multi-national companies, and are extremely well-versed in the understanding and application of domestic and global valuation standards.



Sachin Gulaty


IBBI Registered Valuer
(Land & Building)